Anonymous said: You seriously wouldn't date a person if they didn't like a movie? smh


it’s not just a movie it’s goodfellas okay and we all have our priorities


support female filmmakers till death

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Anonymous said: How do you feel about the criticisms Wolf has been getting for being misogynistic and glorifying Belfort and having no social commentary and too much debauchery?


the characters are horribly misogynistic, it doesn’t mean the film is. if people are too fucking stupid to make the distinction, i have nothing to say to them. the film is not meant to function as a social commentary, and it has no responsibility to do that either. scorsese made it only to showcase belfort’s life, in his own words. and you can take away from that what you wish. make your OWN commentary. andrea explains it better than me. this ain’t some disney shit where the movie has provide a moral-of-the-story type nonsense. complaints about its vulgarity are.. whatever. where is this arbitrary line between what’s too vulgar and what’s not? the film makes belfort look like an abusive, horrible, insane asshole. if you don’t see that, the problem is with yourself. if you root for him at all, you must be a sociopath. 

why doesn’t anyone criticize american hustle for having no social commentary (and yet being another movie about the lust for money/power), david o russell’s obsession with amy’s breasts and characters thinner than paper? no, that film gets critical praise across the board. lol. 

If ‘Pineapple Express’ had been about two girls, they wouldn’t have made it. And if I were a woman, I wouldn’t have a career.
Every movie Leonardo DiCaprio is in now just screams “PLEASE GIVE ME AN OSCAR!” and it’s just looks so desperate.

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My name is Brittany and I picture myself with an Oscar in the near future. Plus, a few hot men and a glorious wardrobe, which is already half true.
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